Cab-lifting cop not what she seems on New York street

Getting a lift from a taxi in New York can be tough. Lifting a taxi is even tougher. Luckily, this actress posing as a cop on the streets of New York had a little help picking up the front end of a taxi cab, Mashable reported.

This video of a she-hulk meter maid is the latest ad from viral marketing team Thinkmodo, which posted the video to the YouTube account DidThatJustHappen earlier today. The company specializes in pulling pranks on the street and catching amazed reactions of passers by. Thinkmodo first hit the internet with Devil Baby, but have moved on to stupendous feats of strength.

This latest viral video is to promote a company called, a website designed to help people sell their used cars. The rig took about a month to construct. The team painted a 2005 Ford Escape taxi yellow, removed the engine and filled the back tires with gravel and hard urethane strong enough to take the weight of the cab. They also loaded up the back with 5,000 pounds of steel. The taxi lifts so easily thanks to schoolyard physics.

"Essentially, the thing is a very elaborate seesaw," James Percelay of Thinkmodo told Mashable.

Lifting the car feels like picking up a 15 to 20 pound weight. The challenging part of the video was making sure the car didn't end up on its rear bumper. That's because, as the car is lifted, the center of gravity shifts. Luckily, actress Jenni Ruiza practiced a few times to get it right.

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