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The Isle of Man's Snaefell Mountain Course is the most dangerous track in the world to race a motorcycle, claiming the lives of hundreds of riders over the years. Depending on your outlook, that makes the feat recently attained by Kawasaki rider James Hillier either incredibly brave or utterly crazy. For what was called a parade lap, Hillier climbed aboard a new Kawasaki Ninja H2R and took it to a GPS-verified 206 miles per hour down the Sulby straight, a new top-speed record on the island.

"That was insane, simply insane", Hillier said afterwards, according to Kawasaki. "The first four gears are just over in a flash and the acceleration is mental." With over 300 horsepower from its supercharged four-cylinder engine, the Ninja H2R is the track-only variant of the Ninja H2. Hillier's example on the Isle of Man was stock, save for some suspension adjustments that allowed the bike to handle the island's variable road surfaces.

According to Kawasaki, Hillier's bike was equipped with a camera during what must have been the world's fastest parade lap. We are excited to see the run from his perspective, but the photos in the gallery above provide a glimpse in the meantime.

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James Hillier claims fastest closed roads TT speed with Ninja H2R

Kawasaki rider James Hillier is looking to claim the fastest speed ever recorded for a motorcycle on closed roads at the Isle of Man TT after registering over 206 mph on his Strava GPS app on the famous Sulby straight riding a Ninja H2R in a parade lap.

The Quattro Plant Kawasaki rider declared himself nervous but excited at the prospect of guiding the closed-course-only Ninja H2R around the 37 ž mile circuit complete with its integrated supercharger and 300+ horsepower.

With the TT organisers wisely allowing him his own time slot as part of an afternoon of parade laps, the 30-year-old Ringwood, Hants rider adjusted the on-board-camera-equipped bike to his needs using the unique adjustable side sections of the seat to locate him during intense acceleration. His crew for the TT event also adjusted the suspension to cope with the array of different road surfaces he would encounter across a lap of the World's most famous pure roads course.

Ushered to the TT start line, Hillier's crew removed the tyre warmers and the TT winner accelerated down Bray Hill in an unsilenced cacophony that impressed even the hardiest TT fan. And with instructions to enjoy himself aboard the exclusive machine, Hillier spent little time waving and the majority of his unique lap hard on the gas in what he termed as a once in a lifetime experience.

"That was insane, simply insane", a clearly shocked Hillier declared to Manx Radio as the tyre burnout smoke cleared in the TT winners enclosure at the conclusion of the lap. "The first four gears are just over in a flash and the acceleration is mental.

It was fast everywhere and over the mountain, well, it was simply incredible. I had my cycling app Strava switched on for the whole lap and down Sulby straight I gave it full gas in top gear and it topped out at over 206mph.Wow!"

The Ninja H2R along with invited Ninja and Ninja H2R owners makes an appearance next at the World of Kawasaki event at Rockingham Speedway on 28 June.

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