Evo reviews the Ariel Nomad

If England ever plays host to a dystopian sci-fi action movie like Mad Max, then the Ariel Nomad could fit perfectly as the hero car. Looking like the amalgamation of a sandrail and a sports car, it seems utterly bonkers that the Nomad even exists. The vehicle is wonderfully real, though, and Evo's Henry Catchpole gets the chance to drive one for the very first time in a new video.

Like the Ariel Atom, the Nomad goes for a very bare-bones approach with no doors or roof, but in a touch of luxury by this brand's standards, there is a windshield. Don't worry about the company going soft, though, because Catchpole has to yell just to be heard over the wind noise and the Honda-sourced 2.4-liter four-cylinder growling at the back.

Sadly, this Nomad is Ariel's demonstrator, and Catchpole isn't allowed to take it off-road. Still, he provides a great sense of the on-road driving manners of this weird, little machine in the video.

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