Teen live tweets being stuck on truck during flood

A Texas teenager tweeted while stranded on top of his truck after it was washed away in a flash flood Sunday afternoon.

Lane Wisdom, known as Young Killa on Twitter, was driving his beloved high-mileage Chevy truck down Duck Creek Road in Sanger, TX, when the creek suddenly overflowed its banks after heavy rain, WFAA8 reported. Wisdom and a friend scrambled to the roof of the truck as it was swept away in the floodwaters.

After several failed attempts rescue teams called in a Black Hawk helicopter to rescue the two boys. Wisdom tweet while the pair awaited rescue.

News outlets picked up his tweets and broadcast his rescue live. Wisdom has since added hundreds of followers to his account, some criticizing his actions as needlessly risky. Wisdom thanked the rescuers on his social media account, and has vowed to fix the water-logged truck.

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