Here's Denise McCluggage on To Tell The Truth in 1959

I know, this video has made the rounds before. But in honor of Denise McCluggage, who sadly passed away Wednesday, I was compelled to revisit her appearance on To Tell The Truth in 1959. The show was relatively new then, and hey, this episode even features some bonus, vintage Betty White. Autoblog loves Betty White, after all.

Denise McCluggage was one of my personal heroes, and a true icon in the automotive industry. Like many of my colleagues, I enjoyed listening to Denise's stories, combining her vast knowledge of all things cars with her charming personality, sharp wit, and knack for storytelling. I'll miss hearing those tales. Thankfully, Denise was also a fantastic writer, and left us with a legacy of published work to enjoy over and over again.

Autoblog was fortunate to have Denise McCluggage as a guest on the podcast in 2009, where she spoke about the then-current state of the auto industry, and answered questions from our listeners.

The automotive world lost a legend this week. The news is sad, but it allows us to pause and reflect on all of the great Denise McCluggage moments from the last 60 or so years. Godspeed, and rest in peace.

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