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Over the years, Ringbrothers has shown the ability to mix a meticulous eye for style and serious amounts of horsepower with customs like the Pantera-based Adrnln. The company's recent project, a tuned 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle called Recoil, is some of its best work yet and already has Jay Leno's denim-clad stamp of approval. Now, Hagerty is taking a look, while digging into the history of the actual Ring brothers: Mike and Jim.

The two guys grew up in a small town where owning a car was practically a necessity, and the brothers were already wrenching before they could even legally drive. Eventually, that passion grew into a business, which led to wonderfully customized performance vehicles like the Recoil.

Hagerty gets a fascinating look into Ringbrothers tuning philosophy in its interview. Of course, the real interest lies in this custom Chevelle, and there's a chance to hear the absolutely ferocious sound from the Recoil's supercharged V8 in this clip.

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