Big discounts on 2015 Chevy Volt before 2016 model arrives

But If You Wait, You Might Save Even More

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Having not driven it yet, this writer thinks the 2016 Chevrolet Volt appears to be an excellent update to country's flagship hybrid. The current car, though, still has plenty to offer and can hold its Bowtie high. If you'd rather save money on a 2015 than have the latest technology, a Cars Direct rundown of incentives and lease deals on a 2015 Volt shows that fruit is ready to be plucked.

With plenty of the current model year on dealer lots, Chevy has more than doubled the rebate to $2,500, and offers 2.9-percent financing for 48 months. If you want to lease, the signing payment is now only $500, down from $1,499. You can get that down to zero dollars if you're trading in a competitor. Payments for 39 months are reduced $50, to $249.

So it's officially open season for hardcore Volt haggling. Admittedly, though, it will probably only get better as we get close to the 2016s rolling into dealerships, so you can start lining up a deal now but know your position will only strengthen as the weeks pass.

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