Good Samaritan rescues driver trapped in fiery crash

A multi-vehicle crash in Somerville, Massachusetts last Friday sent four people to the hospital, but it could have been must worse if several bystanders hadn't braved the flames.

A speeding car careened through an intersection and slammed into four cars and a teen walking across the street. One of the cars hit, a 2005 Honda Civic, burst into flames.mWhile others ran from the crash some, like Ronaldo Freitas, rush towards the fire to help those trapped in the wreckage.

"I like to help people, especially in a situation like that," Freitas told Boston CBS. "I would have gone to anybody."

The door was locked, but the windows were broken in the crash. Freitas unlocked the door and pulled the unconscious driver from the car. By the time he unlatched her seatbelt the back of the car was completely on fire. They made it to the sidewalk just as the car exploded.

Police told CBS the crash was caused by a driver who had a medical emergency. Three drivers and a teenager who was hit while crossing the street are recovering from serious injuries at local hospitals, but are expected to recover.

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