Chuck Norris shows his support for saving the A-10

If you're a fan of Chuck Norris jokes, you've probably heard this one: Chuck Norris wasn't in the Air Force – he was the Air Force. Here's hoping that status carries some weight with the brass.

Norris has waded into the fray over the future of the A-10 Thunderbolt II, or the Warthog, as it's affectionately known, arguing that the plane's abilities are too important to live without.

"The question is: Is the fleet of A-10s ready for retirement? I just celebrated my 75th birthday, but I'm nowhere near ready to head to the scrapheap," Norris wrote in a column on World Net Daily. "Some things improve with age, and the A-10 has done just that, too."

The bearded one used his column not only to argue for the Warthog's continued service, but to announce that he'd be selling a "Save The A-10" t-shirt, with all proceeds going to his children's charity, KickStart Kids. And of course, the shirts come with a Chuck Norris fact on them – Chuck Norris' first born son was a Warthog. He cried tears of BRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTT (referencing the noise made by the A-10's iconic 30-millimeter Gatling gun).

The Air Force has been actively arguing for the retirement of the A-10, despite everyone from infantrymen to members of Congress pushing back. USAF brass claim mothballing the 273 planes in the fleet will save some $4 billion over the next five years, despite the fact that the new F-35 Lightning may have trouble filling the Warthog's shoes.

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