The ranks of the world's fastest supercars are typically filled by entries from Europe, but every so often a genuine American competitor arises that's capable of keeping pace with the best the Old World has to offer, or even pulling ahead. The Hennessey Venom GT is the latest such supercar to wave the Star-Spangled Banner in the faces of the European greats, and for its latest video installment, the cinematic storytellers at Xcar met up with John Hennessey to tell the story.

The Venom GT, as you may be well aware, is based on the Lotus Exige, but modifies it to such a great extent that it really only bears a passing resemblance to its progenitor. The Texas-based tuner slotted in a twin-turbo version of the Dodge Viper's V10 engine and created an entirely custom rear end in which to house it – not unlike how Lotus turned the four-cylinder Elise into the six-cylinder Exige in the first place, only much more so.

The resulting performance machine is so light and powerful that it clocked a top speed of over 270 miles per hour at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. But while the record couldn't be certified by the folks at Guinness for a number of reasons, it's still enough to make America proud.

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