Mercedes-Benz concept car takes driverless vehicles into the future

A new Mercedes-Benz concept car is looking to give Google a driverless run for their money.

Unlike the cars we drive today, the Mercedes-Benz F015 will drive us -- acting as a personal chauffeur so passengers can relax or worry about important things like work, while the automated vehicle worries about the roads. We have to admit, it looks significantly more comfortable than Google's experimental driverless cars.

Keeping up with their luxury brand, the car is more of a lounge. Front seats can rotate so passengers can face each other, a touch screen coffee table extends into the middle of the space with just a tap, and touch screen monitors are built into the doors. In case you want to drive the old fashioned way, just swivel around and use the steering wheel and fold away pedals.

On the outside, the vehicle communicates with pedestrians and other drivers using lights and vocal cues. If a pedestrian crosses the street in front of the car, a laser will project a crosswalk and a voice will let them know it's safe to cross.

The F015 is really just a concept car and will likely never be sold on a car lot, but it may force Google to step up their game. Their current driverless car prototypes look like something out of a retro cartoon, whereas Mercedes' looks like it's straight out of the future.

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