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The List: Best of Winter Driving

From the Peak of Mt Washtington to the Outer Ring of the Arctic Circle, These Are Our Favorite Snow-Covered Moments of The List

Take a look back at some of the most wondrous winter driving moments in the history of The List. ​Watch Jessi and Patrick as they brave the cold to conquer various icy challenges, including climbing Mount Washington, driving a Pro-2 truck, and venturing to the arctic circle.

"We've had some wild adventures on The List," says co-host Patrick Mcintyre. "Sometimes the environment we're in is just as dynamic as the vehicles we're driving."

If you like what you see, stay tuned to watch the full episodes, or click here to go directly to our episode archive and pick out some of your own favorite moments of The List to revisit.

The List #0231: Climb Mount Washington
The List #0684: Drive a Pro-2 truck​
The List #0011: Drive to the Arctic Circle

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