The List #0011: Drive to the Arctic Circle

The List is back! The show took a hiatus after its first season, partly to give our hosts a much-needed break, and partly to gear up for its television debut on Speed – check out tonight's new episode at 10:30PM EST/PST. But Jessi and Patrick have finally returned to Autoblog, and they're back with a slate of new episodes that begins with this epic adventure that should definitely be on your list of 1,001 Car Things To Do Before You Die.

We've asked Jessi and Patrick to do some crazy, even dangerous, things during the course of producing this show (racing in the Baja 1000 comes to mind), but never before have they returned from an assignment a little surprised that they made it back.

Indeed, the Arctic Circle is a big, desolate and dangerous place to go for a drive, but it's also beautiful, challenging and rewarding in a way that few other road trips can be. Thanks to an invitation by Mercedes-Benz and the company's support crew, Jessi and Patrick teamed up with Autoblog executive editor Chris Paukert to attempt to drive a diesel Sprinter van to the Arctic Circle in the dead of winter for this mission. They returned with all of their fingers and toes intact to tell you the story, but did they make all the way there? You'll have to watch to find out. After you watch the video, if you still want more, check out Chris Paukert's feature story on the adventure by clicking here.

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