Car Club USA

Car Club USA: Corvette Homecoming

We Head To Bowling Green To See Whose Classic Corvette Will Be Dubbed Homecoming King (Or Queen)

Car Club USA travels to Bowling Green, KY to document the annual Corvette Homecoming, where owners travel from around the country to reconnect with the manufacturing birthplace of their vehicles. We follow two contestants in the "Show and Shine" competition, for whom the human connection at the event is just as important as showing off their wheels.

"That's probably the biggest thing about this weekend," says one attendee, "there's a connection with Corvette people."

Of course, the grandeur seeing stunners like a 1959 Corvette convertible, 1966 Big Block and 2002 Z06 is worth the price of admission. Get a firsthand look at the Homecoming experience, and the folks that make it so special.

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