Jay Leno singles out the BAC Mono

You can hardly throw a pebble at a gathering like last week's Geneva Motor Show without hitting something that claims to be a racecar for the road. And many of them come close – but few quite as close as the BAC Mono. That's largely because, unlike so many supercars and track toys that come with two seats, the BAC Mono is a single-seater – just like a formula racing car, but capable of driving on the street.

Of course there's more to the BAC Mono than its single, central, open seat. It's got a pneumatic gearbox, detachable steering wheel, pushrod suspension... and no windscreen whatsoever. So Jay Leno had the US importer bring one by his garage to check it out first hand, and even took it out on the highway with naught but a pair of goggles to protect his famous chin from the wind rushing by.

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