Lion reminds tourists to always lock car doors in safari parks

A video of a lioness opening the door to a car full of tourists surfaced yesterday on Reddit and is a stark reminder to never underestimate a bored lioness looking for an easy meal.

The YouTube video, uploaded by Joshua Sutherland, was shot last year, according to Metro. It shows his two sisters taking in the sights at a safari park while visiting their parents in South Africa. Whether the lioness was a real danger or just showing off for the pride, we can't say. But she stalks the car down and grabs hold of the car-door handle with what looks like more than harmless curiosity.

This isn't the first time the animal kingdom and cars have collided with nearly disastrous consequences. In Thailand, Elephants in heat use cars to scratch away when mating season makes them itchy. Car owners living around national forests in America know bears have learned that cars are full of easy food left by careless humans. Black bears have ended up locked inside cars, where they thoroughly trash the interior.

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