Bugatti Veyron Vitesse La Finale bids us adieu [w/video]

  • Image Credit: AOL - Jonathon Ramsey
Some things just keep popping up until you take them for granted. Like the endless procession of special-edition Bugatti Veyrons. It seems like every major auto show included another unique take on the iconic supercar, with more announced in between. And at the Geneva Motor Show this week, Bugatti unveiled yet another. Only this one will be the last.

This edition is called La Finale, and it is what the Alsatian automaker says will be the very last. Not just the last special edition, but the last Veyron – the 450th and final one built. It's based on the Vitesse, which means it has the upgraded 1,184-horsepower engine from the Super Sport and the removable roof panel from the Grand Sport.

The final Veyron features a unique red and black carbon-fiber livery with matching dark red wheels and an interior decked out in cream and scarlet leather, with La Finale script appearing throughout. Which is all well and fine, especially for the Middle Eastern customer who bought it. But more than what sets this Veyron apart from others is what it represents: the end of the line for the million-dollar supercar that started it all a decade ago. And we're looking forward to seeing what The House That Ettore Built comes up with next.

Bugatti Veyron | 2015 Geneva Motor Show | Autoblog Short Cuts

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