Toyota to axe Venza by June 2015

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After years of wallowing about the market as a slow-selling alternative to its own RAV4 and Highlander (among over CUVs), Toyota is putting the Venza out to pasture, the company confirmed.

Production will officially cease by June of this year, although Toyota will continue to screw together the car for export markets until September of 2017. No jobs will be affected at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing factory in Kentucky. TMMK already builds the Avalon, Camry and their hybrid variants. To make up for the loss of the Venza, Toyota has already upped production of the RAV4, and is planning on increasing supplies of its Highlander at its Princeton, IN factory.

Venza sales have been, in a word, abysmal. According to CarsDirect, Toyota sold just 2,100 Venzas in January of 2015, while sales of the RAV4 and Highlander hit nearly 20,000 units for the former and exceeded 11,000 for the latter. Considering that, freeing up the showroom space occupied by the Venza sounds like a smart move.

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