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Pimp My Ride: Where are they now?

Perhaps the greatest lasting legacy of the MTV show Pimp My Ride is the online meme – Yo Dawg! – with host Xzibit that continues to spawn Internet humor. However, The Huffington Post is now taking a look back at the defunct program to go behind the scenes with three participants and one of the co-executive producers. Their stories from the other side of the camera offer far more entertainment than any of the customized cars likely ever could.

Many of the pimptastic tales come down to reality TV trickery that didn't hurt anyone but weren't truthful either. For example, the homes on the show were rented by MTV, and the reactions during the reveal were shot over several takes with coaching to the contestants. It also often took months to actually get the cars ready, rather than the couple of days the editing suggested.

All of the work on the show might have looked acceptable on TV, but in reality corners were cut, according to the participants. Sometimes out of safety, the show removed items from the cars after filming. One of the contestants asserts that the customizers didn't adjust the suspension to cope with the mods, and as a result the tires were often scraping against the wheel wells while driving.

If you ever had any interest in Pimp My Ride or reality TV in general, this piece is definitely worth reading. It is a treasure trove of funny anecdotes.

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