Koenigsegg isn't what you'd call a mass producer of automobiles, by any measure. In fact, it barely cranks out a dozen units every year. So to see it bringing two new versions of its million-dollar supercars to the Geneva Motor Show is big news for the little company that could. And we're looking forward to seeing them in the flesh.

Details of what these new exotics will be, precisely, have been few and far between, but Christian von Koenigsegg and company have been keeping us on our toes with some teaser graphics, and this is the latest.

What you're looking at is a contour sketch of the tail end of one of those new debuts – namely the Agera RS. It appears to wear a different spoiler and rear-fender vents than any version of the Agera to date, but we'll be looking forward to seeing what else will set it apart.

The accompanying statement suggests that the Agera RS will adopt many of the technological advancements from the stripped-down One:1, but without forgoing the everyday creature comforts – like the luggage compartment, rear window and removable hardtop – from the Agera S and Agera R.

Early speculation, meanwhile, has it that the Regera will emerge as a hybrid version of the Agera, along the same lines as the Porsche 918, McLaren P1 and LaFerrari.

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