Angry mother tackles suspect after police chase

A suspect fleeing Dallas police learned a lesson from an angry mama he won't soon forget.

It all started when Artrai Alexander, allegedly stole a Dodge Challenger. Alexander then led police on a high-speed chase through busy Dallas streets just as rush hour ramped up. At first, he seems to be putting some pavement between him and the pack of cops in pursuit. Then he slams into two cars at an intersection.

Jessica Liesmann had just picked her son up from school when her minivan was struck from behind. Liesmann jumped out of her Nissan Quest and pummeled the driver who caused the crash. The mom had ample time to make sure the suspect wouldn't be running away any time soon before cops arrived.

Liesmann told The Dallas Morning News that she had recently lost one of her sons to a health condition and was overcome with emotion when the crash put her another son, a 13-year-old riding in the minivan, in danger. A local dealership is planning to give Liesmann a new car to replace her battered old van. Alexander will be charged with aggravated robbery and evading arrest.

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