Nissan driver drifts on snowy roads during news broadcast

During a New York reporter's live broadcast during Monday night's snowstorm, one driver couldn't help but show how much fun a little powder can be.

Stacey Bell of NBC 4 New York was doing what is known in the biz as a 'standup' on a street corner as the snow began to pile up. As she reported on the dangers of driving in the snow, the camera operator closed in on a row of cars stopped at a traffic light.

When the light turned green, one car slid across the street toward Bell, who didn't skip a beat. After stopping a few feet away from the journalist, the driver peels away. While some outlets are reporting that Bell had a close call with an out-of-control car, the driver's gleeful acceleration away from the limelight in a RWD Nissan 240SX make us side with Road and Track's opinion that the driver was simply showing off for the cameras.

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