Tesla Model S P85D makes old women swear like sailors

We've Got Both SFW And NSFW Videos For You

The Tesla Model S P85D, in its explosive insane mode, affects different people in different ways. Some will react to its shock-and-awe acceleration in exhilerated-yet-PG astonishment, while others express their amazement with slightly less couth. Today, we share a couple of reaction videos filled mostly with examples of the latter.

When Brooks Weisblat is not filming his new all-wheel-drive electric car embarrassing Dodge Challenger Hellcats on the drag strip, he is apparently turning his camera on his friends as he takes them for rides in his battery-powered sedan. As the accelerator hits the floor, mouths open wide and the air turns sailor-blue as his victims crudely enunciate their amazement. It doesn't matter if they're a woman of a certain age or massively-muscled he-man, the astonishment is cursedly palpable.

Likewise, Raphael Colantonio, when not acting as a video game director or musician, relishes imbuing his friends with expletives and giggles, courtesy of his car. You can watch a safe-for-work version of Brooks' video above, or see the unedited NSFW footage from both of these Tesla owners below. Enjoy!

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