When we come across videos of women reacting to acceleration, it often involves an insanely high-horsepower ICE coupe with a bro behind the wheel sitting next to a buxom lass in something like a bikini top she borrowed from her two-year-old sister. This particular video, however, has almost none of that: no internal combustion engine, no bros, no itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikinis.

Being the Tesla Model S P85D, though, it does have Insane (mode) acceleration and huge horsepower, and this video features two women enjoying what it can do from a standstill. Two times. We'll skip the bushel of loaded comments, since the video says all that needs to be said. Besides, it makes dudes giddy as well.

And as if you needed any more proof of that the Tesla goes wicked quick, keep an eye on the cellphone in the cupholder at nine seconds in.

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