Handcuffed woman steals police car, drives 100 MPH

A nine-minute dashcam video out of Pennsylvania shows a handcuffed woman's mad dash from police in one of their own squad cars.

Roxanne Rimer had been arrested under suspicion of shoplifting when she climbed through the partition that divided the back and front seats. Somehow, she got the car into gear and drove the cruiser as fast as 100 miles per hour while steering with her hands behind her back.

"With her back turned and her hands cuffed behind her back, she manages to put it in gear and drive." Center Township Police Chief Barry Kramer told WPXI. "And from what we can gather, she drove at very high speeds with that position, somehow manipulating the gears and steering the wheel."

The video shows her weaving through traffic before she stops and asks a passerby to help drive the stolen car. When he refuses, she continues her flight on foot. Police caught up with Rimer a half hour later. She now faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault.

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