"Quirky," "bizarre" and "weird" are all perfect adjectives to describe the Citroën DS, but you should also add "innovative" and "legendary" to that list. This week's journey into Jay Leno's Garage shows why these unusual French sedans might not fit into the traditional definition of beauty, but still deserve not just the respect of auto fans, but their admiration and thanks, too.

First introduced in 1955, the DS really looks as futuristic today as 60 years ago, but each styling element serves a purpose. The big headlights actually turn with the steering wheel to make night driving safer, and the swooping roof is made from fiberglass to keep the center of gravity lower. Beyond, the design, the Citroën's pneumatic suspension is still amazing to see in action as it lifts the car up and makes for a very comfy cruiser.

Jay thinks that there's an argument to naming the DS as the greatest car of the 20th century, and he's not alone. After seeing all of the reasons he lists in this clip of his '71 example, it's hard to argue with him. Leno really wants people to understand this quirky Citroën and even includes a demonstration on how to change a tire with the unique suspension setup. If you're a fan of innovative solutions in auto engineering, then this episode of the Garage is must-see video.

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