Ferrari has been profiling some of the 499 buyers of the LaFerrari in its official magazine, and the latest issue features Austrian-born Swiss artist Cornelia Hagmann. Her husband and Ferrari collector Walter Hagmann ordered a Rosso Corsa example of the supercar for Cornelia, but Walter passed away slightly more than a year ago, before it could be delivered.

There's no reason to doubt that, as Ferrari says, her husband's gift is the car closest to her heart. The video above captures some behind-the-scenes moments during the photo shoot for the magazine, and there's a press release below with a few words about the article. We've also included a video below about another Swiss citizen, Ferrari collector, and LaFerrari buyer, Albert Obrist, whose love affair with the brand began when he went to the Grand Prix of Switzerland in 1951.

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An encounter with an artist and the car closest to her heart

Maranello, 2th January 2015 – Cornelia Hagmann is an Austrian-born painter and sculptor that has made Switzerland her home for many years. Her wonderfully rich paintings are mostly of landscapes sumptuous with greenery and flowers. She does, however, have a second great passion: for Ferrari. This enduring fascination was sparked by her late husband, Walter Hagmann, a Swiss businessman and leading Ferrari collector, who unfortunately passed away a little over a year ago before the delivery of the magnificent Rosso Corsa LaFerrari he had ordered as a gift for his wife. In an interview with The Ferrari Official Magazine, Cornelia talks not just about her art but also her love of speed and the Prancing Horse. Plus, of course, her LaFerrari: "It's a real work of art: I could spend hours just staring at it...." This video features a few moments from the photo shoot that accompanies the interview.

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