Man recycles a Lamborghini V12, uses it to make a motorcycle

A friend of Georgia resident Chuck Beck owned a Lamborghini that died in a fire, leaving only its engine. This friend offered that engine to Beck, and Beck not only accepted, he gave it a second life that rivals Bucky Barnes morphing into The Winter Soldier for outlandish second acts. And that's how we end up with the sight and sound of a Lamborghini V12 stuffed into a custom motorcycle frame that appears to step right up to the edge of lunacy - which could be why Beck built it while his wife was out of town for the summer.

Hooniverse suspects it could be an old Countach engine; if so, it would have roughly 350 to 450 horsepower. Beck used a three-speed Volkswagen transmission to put that power to use, worked up a custom linkage to be able to steer, and note that radiator placement. Beck said once she's up and rolling the riding is fine, but still, we imagine the thing likes straight roads and wide turns.

Sure, Beck is just one of the brothers pledged to the car-engined-motorcycle fraternity, but we think his homebrew creation is weirder than Chrysler's Viper V10-powered Tomahawk or Andy Millyard's version, or the motorcycle with a Lincoln Flathead V12, and it's certainly longer than all of them. You can hear it briefly in the video above, watch Beck try to roll it out of its trailer in the video below, and head over to Hooniverse for some close-up photos.

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