There are certain things we take as given. Water is wet, sky is up, and it's harder to drive a car backwards than it is to drive forward. Sure, some of us are better at reversing into a tight spot than others, but even the most talented maneuverers would have to admit that it is – relatively speaking – more difficult to reverse than to drive straight ahead. But just why is that, exactly?

The team at MinutePhysics have broken it down into simple terms even a blogger could understand. Turns out it has less to do with the car itself than it does with the driver – and even at that, the difficulty doesn't center around craning your neck or trying to coordinate through mirrors or dashboard screens. And as anyone who's driven with something hitched up behind, it gets even more complicated when you throw a trailer into the mix. But don't listen to us - let the video clip above break it down for you.

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