Many people use the time around holidays as an opportunity to do something good for the world, whether buying gifts for needy children or volunteering time for a charity. Although, some significant acts of philanthropy take almost no work at all on your part, like donating a vehicle.

In a recent story, finds out from charitable organizations what actually happens to your junker when it's turned in.

As you might expect, the answer varies with the charity. Many just sell the vehicles off or part them out to raise money. Although, some might hang onto a donation if the car is still in drivable condition. According to the story, this is what Meals on Wheels occasionally uses to make its deliveries.

Of course, there are some rewards to donating an old vehicle beyond just good feelings and warmth in your heart. The value of the car can be deducted from your taxes in many cases to soften the blow when the time comes to pay the IRS in a few months. Head over to to read the whole story.

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