The South Dakota Office of Highway Safety just can't take its own suggestive joke. The government organization recently started a public service campaign with the far too easily mocked name Don't Jerk and Drive. It was supposed to educate drivers on how to handle hitting snowy or icy patches of road by not overcorrecting the steering wheel, but the double entendre was deemed too racy for the roads.
Some citizens were reportedly upset about the suggestive title, and a state representative was allegedly planning a hearing, according to the Argus Leader. Government officials stopped the campaign believing it was distracting from the actual goal. "The message is that we'd prefer drivers keep their cars out of the ditch and their minds out of the gutter," said Lee Axdahl, director of the office of Highway Safety, to the Argus Leader.

The officials behind the slogan were not so naïve to miss the obvious sexual double-entendre in the slogan. However, the ads were meant to grab the attention of young men because they were found to be most likely to overcorrect and cause these types of accidents. Despite the controversy, the campaign was proving popular. According to the Argus Leader, there was a surge of views on the office's Facebook page to see the PSA.

While this campaign is ostensibly over, a video version of the PSA is still available on YouTube from the Office of Highway Safety. Check it out below to see what some the hand-wringing is about.

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