A massive blaze in Los Angeles of an under-construction apartment complex shut down two of the city's major freeways early Monday morning. First reported around 1:20 AM PST, over 250 firefighters arrived at the scene to fight the conflagration. One company was so close it had its hoses hooked up in the station and was battling the inferno across the street, according to a video posted by The LA Times.

Firefighters had to use the 110 and 101 Freeways to access and fight the blaze, shutting them both down for hours. The inferno also spread to two nearby buildings with one suffering external damage and the other having fire damage on some floors, but they were stopped from growing further.

According to The LA Times, the fire is now largely under control, but firefighters are still dealing with hot spots. As of this writing, the 101 and southbound 110 Freeways are reopened, but the northbound 110 is still closed. No cause for the blaze is known yet, but there are no reported injuries. Scroll down to watch two videos of the blaze, one speaking to firefighters at the scene and the other from an eye witness. There are also some amazing and terrifying images of the blaze, posted by Twitter users on or near the scene.

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