We may never get back to the days where state speed limits were simply as fast as was "reasonable and prudent," but the wide-open state of Montana seems to at least be making an attempt, with state legislators considering an 80- or even 85-mile-per-hour speed limit. In other news, Autoblog's editorial office is preparing to relocate to Billings.

State Rep. Mike Miller is one of four state legislators supporting the move to an 85-mph limit, which would increase the current state-wide, 75-mph speed maximum. If the measure passes, Montana would match Texas' lofty speed limit and it would pass a trio of other states that have successfully implemented 80-mph limits.

"Utah, Wyoming and Idaho have all done it. Nevada is looking at it, too. I didn't see any problems in the other states," Rep. Miller told The Montana Standard, Fox News reports.

The speed limit measure will be considered in the state legislature's next session.

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