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  • Image Credit: Reiter Engineering
  • Image Credit: Reiter Engineering
  • Image Credit: Reiter Engineering
  • Image Credit: Reiter Engineering
  • Image Credit: Reiter Engineering
  • Image Credit: Reiter Engineering
Lamborghini is moving on from the Gallardo to the new Huracán, and with it, is taking its racing program in house. But the Bolognese marque's longtime racing partner Reiter Engineering has a thing or two to say about that, and is showing what it can still do with an old platform by introducing the new Gallardo Extenso R-EX.

Designed to comply with GT3 regulations, you can tell just from looking at it that Reiter's new competition-spec Lambo is meaner and more aggressive than any version it's done before. Reiter widened the rear track by five inches to make it over 80 inches broad (the widest allowed under FIA GT3 regulations), cloaked it in carbon-fiber bodywork (to make it look more like the Murcielago R-SV the company built for GT1), fitted new camshafts (for a fatter torque curve) and Mahle pistons (for improved efficiency and reliability), and retuned the exhaust to give the fans something to cheer for.

The result is an even more extreme take on the Gallardo than anything we've seen to date, and promises to give even the upcoming Huracán GT3 a run for its money in series like the Pirelli World Challenge, Blancpain GT Series and SRO GT Sports Club. Privateer racing teams will be able to get their hands on one for €248,000 (a little over $300k) with the full confidence that Reiter's experience has to offer: To date the company has built over 100 racing cars that have gone on to win over 200 races and score some 400 podiums. The Bavarian company further claims that every one of those built since 2012 is still on its original engine.
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Wider, lighter, more powerful – the new REITER Gallardo EXTENSO

Reiter Engineering develops a far-reaching evolution of the proven GT3 car as Lamborghini's official Gallardo GT3 partner and plans to enter the new racecar in the Blancpain GT Series, the US Pirelli World Challenge and the SRO GT Sports Club.

The name reflects the aim: the Reiter Gallardo FL2 GT3 receives a far-reaching and comprehensive facelift, 'Extenso', just like the Spaniards would say. The innovations do not only include looks and sound, but also handling and engine:

The rear of the Reiter Gallardo EXTENSO is significantly wider. The rear aluminium side panels are replaced by new carbon fibre rear quarter panels. At the same time, the rear axle track width is increased by a whopping 13 cm using new wishbones. As a result, the maximum...

permissible car width of 205 cm is achieved and thus ensures significantly better handling.

An improved torque curve is achieved by using race camshafts. Simultaneously, the new Mahle pistons reduce fuel consumption and increase the reliability.

New front headlights, the rear lights and the considerably wider carbon rear give the Gallardo an aggressive appearance, which resembles the Reiter Murciélago R-SV GT1.

Last, but definitely not least: the sound. "The surprising and at the same time overwhelming popularity of our SaReNi Camaro GT3 showed us that for motorsport fans at least a great sound and aggressive looks are crucial for a GT race car," explains Hans Reiter, owner of the race and tuning stable Reiter Engineering. "The REITER Gallardo EXTENSO must and will portray these features more predominantly. With this in mind, the sound development is at the top of the new specifications along with the visual packaging."

"Since the demise of the good old GT1 class, GT racing has lost emotion," regrets Hans Reiter. Modern GT3 race cars are mainly aligned to commercial standpoints, the REITER Gallardo GT3 also followed this trend over the last few years. "Today with the Gallardo FL2 in our program, I maintain that we have a very solid GT3 car regarding the running costs, drivability, service and durability with winning performance. We don't want to lose these attributes, but improve them further, and arouse emotions into the bargain," defines Hans Reiter the targets.

Ultimately, one final question needs to be clarified: Why invest in a facelift when a series of new race cars are due to be launched? Reiter Engineering does not develop 'carte blanche', but in fact focusses clearly on the performance levels to be expected for 2016 and beyond. The success justifies Reiter Engineering's concept: with over 100 cars built, over 200 race wins and more than 400 podium results, the redesign of the Gallardo GT3 for the race and tuning stable in Kirchanschoering, Bavaria, is a strategic move as Hans Reiter explains: "In a similar way to the aviation industry, we build on affordable evolutionary steps in the car development and forgo revolutionary changes. Reliability and longevity have absolute priority. Since 2012 every Reiter developed Gallardo engine is completely undamaged!"

The increased consumption of GT3 cars in endurance racing rewards this mind-set without doubt.

Lamborghini also expressed its confidence in Reiter Engineering for the future for the development of the Gallardo GT3 in a press release dated 19 June 2014. As a result, Reiter Engineering remains the exclusive and official Lamborghini partner for the Gallardo GT3 and for its development and production. "For me it is of great importance to maintain and justify the trust that we have enjoyed from Lamborghini for 14 years now," comments Hans Reiter on the communiqué. "As we expect several new race cars for the end of 2015 and a corresponding increase in competition with greater performance, we already managed to take up the challenge. With the new REITER Gallardo EXTENSO – short R-EX – our customers will be attuned to the future performance level early in 2015, but also knows that they have received a proven and reliable product."

Reiter Engineering will deliver 10 Reiter Gallardo R-EX to customers. Dependent on the customers' wish, these will be manufactured in "CARBON – BLACK" or "TITANIUM – GREY". The entire skin will be left in CARBON – BLACK, except for the Aluminium doors and the roof skin. The noble touch of the TITANIUM - GREY impresses with its Lamborghini typical, aggressive military appeal.

Price 248,000.-€ incl. 24 hours kit

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