History sure likes to repeat itself. Case in point: the car formerly known as the Coda Sedan – and previously, the Miles Javlon XS 500, and before that, the XS 200 – was originally going to be announced at the 2007 LA Auto Show. Now, seven years later, it is set to "debut" at that same spectacle as the Mullen 700e. This time, for real.

How did we arrive here?

How did we arrive here? Well, when Coda Automotive emerged from bankruptcy to begin its new life as Coda Energy, it had sold the bones of its vehicle business to a outfit composed of Club Auto Sales and Ready Remarketing, who then tried to make a go of it as Coda Cars by selling of bits from the 150 vehicles they'd collected. Enter Mullen Technologies.

Known to us as the Mullen Motor Company – it had hooked up with the now-defunct Hybrid Technologies (later, EV Innovations) in 2007 to offer an electric sports car called the L1X-75 GT – it has now absorbed Coda Cars and named principle of that concern, Richard Curtis, as president of Mullen Consolidated. Now, it will offer the 700e, as well as the gas-powered version of its sports car and a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) it calls the "100e", which bears an uncanny resemblance to the "Urbee" that Zap Jonway had readied to sell in China.

The Mullen website currently says the 700e will sport a 31-kWh battery, which is the same size that came with the Coda. It also claims it will have a 185-mile range, significantly more than the 125 miles of the Sedan. The discrepancy might be down to a different battery. According to our super-secret source (thanks, Jack!), the reborn electric will actually have a battery with around 50 kWhs, which would make the 185-mile range more attainable.

We hope to have all the details, including the price, when Groundhog Day comes early later this week at the Mullen stand on the floor of the LA Convention Center.

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