Sun Country EVEN headed to Iceland

It's hard to make out, but there is a road that connects Canada and Iceland. And it's got free electric boat car charging stations as far as the eye can see.

Sun Country Highway claims it has "electrified virtually all of Canada's Highways" – well over free-to-use 1,000 EVSEs (charging stations) – and will not be setting up shop in the northern Atlantic island country with help from our friend Gisli Gislason and EVEN in 2015. EVEN imports EVs into renewable-energy-heavy Iceland and then resells them. The company has had a hard time getting started, though, working with companies like AMP that ended up not delivering and at one point publicly thinking about buying bankrupt Better Place.

Sun Country's plan is to make Iceland "a world leader, in less than 12 months." That leadership will be bolstered by the fact that almost 100 percent of the electricity produced in Iceland is made from renewable energy, making EV miles there some of the cleanest of any nation.

Earlier this year, Sun Country worked out a deal with Via Motors to buy $80 million worth of Via extended-range PHEV utility vehicles. Sun Country has put EVSEs along Canada's highways as well as at a number of hotels, making emission's free road trips in the Great White North a possibility.
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Sun Country Highway is expanding to Iceland

Sun Country Highway, an award winning electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company, has electrified virtually all of Canada's Highways, and is expanding their EV charging network to Iceland.

In response to the Prime Minister's vision for a post-carbon economy, this Canadian company's commitment will help ensure that Iceland becomes a world leader, in less than 12 months.

World's "Best Automotive Solution of 2013" - New Economy Clean Tech Awards, Sun Country Highway is expanding to Iceland.

Reykjavík, Iceland: Iceland will soon be connected by Sun Country Highway's comprehensive, free network of EV charging stations. Drivers will have the ability to travel around the entire nation emission free, powered with virtually 100% renewable energy, and making Iceland a global leader in EV infrastructure in 2015.

"Residents and tourists will gain the ability to travel and enjoy the absolute beauty of this incredible nation, in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner, in 2015."
Kent Rathwell - President & Founder, Sun Country Highway

"Iceland's close proximity to the Arctic make it especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson's UN Climate Summit statement, outlines his vision for post-carbon economy by 2030. This vision can only be achieved if residents are provided an alternative to carbon dependant vehicles. Our solution will help provide that alternative." Christopher Misch - Vice President, Sun Country Highway

Sun Country Highway is proud to partner with Gisli Gislason and his team at Electric Vehicle Environment (EVEN), pioneers and champions in expanding EV adoption across Iceland.

Sun Country Highway Ltd. is a private Canadian owned company with the mission to create the world's largest, most economically, socially and environmentally sustainable transportation solution. The company offers leading technology for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and a business model that empowers change for a greener future.

For more information and to help expand our sustainability movement, please contact Sun Country Highway directly by visiting

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