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Not all the cars at the 2014 SEMA Show are covered in wild paint jobs, fitted with wheels the size of moons and featuring obscene amounts of horsepower. Some, like the Panoz Esperante Spyder GT 25th Anniversary Edition, just look like very good sporty cars.

This is the first time we've seen the supercharged, 560-horsepower Spyder GT in Panoz's anniversary garb – opinions are split on its appearance, particularly the catamaran-esque front fascia – and it's likely to be one of the last, as only 25 examples will be screwed together.

For those lucky 25 individuals, they'll score an Esperante with a wide-body kit formed from carbon composite and aluminum, a side-exit exhaust system for its blown, 4.6-liter V8 and Brembo brakes, with six-piston calipers in front and four-piston units in back. Carbon-fiber accents abound, while bespoke 19-inch wheels add a bit more visual spice.

Prices for the Esperante Spyder GT 25th Anniversary Edition start at $204,750, while orders are currently being accepted.

Scroll down for the press release from Panoz, but not before checking out our image gallery of live photos from the SEMA Show floor.
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Exclusive Sports Car Builder Unveils the 25TH Anniversary Edition Esperante Spyder's Rowdy and Rambunctious 560-Horsepower Wide-Body Big Brother

Nov. 4, 2014, Las Vegas – Just a few months after Panoz LLC rolled out the first 25th Anniversary Edition Esperante Spyder, the Georgia-based manufacturer of exclusive sports cars today unveiled its supercharged 560-horsepower Spyder GT version at the 2014 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.

Panoz LLC will produce no more than 25 Esperante Spyder and Spyder GT sports cars to commemorate the company's motorsports heritage and Panoz sports cars of the past 25 years. Production will be intentionally limited to ensure they remain special and exclusive and keep with Panoz LLC's goal of creating exclusive, American-made, custom hand-built sports cars.

In addition to the higher output V8 under the Esperante Spyder GT's hood, other key upgrades include:
Wide body carbon composite and aluminum body
Exterior styling reminiscent of the Le Mans-winning Esperante GTLM race car
Side exhausts like the Panoz Esperante GT2 race car
Clear-coated carbon fiber front splitter
Carbon fiber rear diffuser and side skirts
Carbon fiber taillight and rear trunk panels
Sabelt® dry carbon backed leather seats
Custom 19 x 10.5-inch front wheels
Custom 19 x 12-inch rear wheels
Brembo® six-piston monobloc front calipers
Brembo® four-piston monobloc rear calipers
LED taillights
The all-new 2015 Panoz Esperante Spyder GT is on display Nov. 4-7 as part of SEMA Show exhibitor Infinitybox, LLC's display located in the South Hall, Upper Level, Booth No. 33221. Infinitybox, LLC is the wiring system supplier for the new Esperante Spyder and Spyder GT sports cars and will be demonstrating the system's capabilities.

Like the Esperante Spyder, the Esperante Spyder GT features the car's namesake Spyder open-cockpit, two-seat configuration with its visually dynamic carbon fiber panel that conceals the functional twin roll hoops, and a new, shorter windshield reinforced by tubular steel A-pillars with and featuring an all-new carbon fiber windshield frame.

The full leather interior of the Spyder GT offers more room than the previous-generation Esperante models and features Alcantara® accents on the seats, dash, door panels, center console, and as inserts on the Spyder's carbon fiber Spyder shell. Further differentiating the GT is its contrasting delineated stitching and real carbon fiber interior trim. Panoz LLC also offers a wide range of custom options, giving customers an array of personalization choices to suit their individual desires and needs.

The Esperante Spyder GT has an all-new leather dash with a state-of-the-art electronic 10.6-inch ID4Motion digital instrument display positioned directly in front of the driver. It offers graphic representations of gauges to monitor the car's vital systems such as speed, rpm, water temperature, oil pressure, charging, temperature, fuel level, and odometer. The display also has two "skins" allowing the driver to choose between traditional black background graphics or a light brushed aluminum/silver background.

The supercharged 560-horsepower engine is coupled with a heavy duty, close-ratio Tremec® T56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission as standard equipment. A six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters is available as an option.

For those desiring more power, Panoz LLC, with help from Élan Power Products (a division of Panoz LLC affiliate Élan Motorsports Technologies), can custom build engines producing 800-plus horsepower. Élan Power Products has decades of experience producing high-performance engines for street applications as well as sports car and open-wheel competition.

The 2015 Panoz 25th Anniversary Edition Esperante Spyder GT is $204,750 (plus destination) and can be ordered through Panoz LLC immediately.

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