UAW publishes 'Scab Report' in TN, worker retribution feared

A Tennessee UAW local has released a list singling out "scab" workers, raising concerns that union employees would seek retribution against non-union employees. UAW Local 1853 published the so-called "Scab Report" on some 40 employees at General Motors' Spring Hill, TN factory. Tennessee is a right-to-work state, meaning employees can take a pass on union membership, if they so choose.

"The following individuals are non-dues paying workers. They have chosen to stop paying union dues and still reap the rewards of your negotiated benefits," the sign reads, according to The Washington Free Beacon. "If you work near one of these people listed please explain the importance of Solidarity and the power of collective bargaining."

Tim Stannard, president of Local 1853, confirmed that his local published the report, but that it wasn't meant to intimidate non-union workers. "It says to talk to them, explain the importance of collective bargaining and solidarity. I'm not trying to intimidate anybody," Stannard told The Free Beacon. "We need to join together to stay strong and solid and we have people that are not in the union and that weakens us."

That argument isn't sitting well with the employees on the list, though.

"They put our names out there so people will pressure us," a worker, who wished to remain anonymous, told the right-leaning publication. "One guy called me a scab outright. I don't appreciate that. I was disgusted by it."

In a short statement, GM has informed Autoblog that it's aware of the list and is investigating. Expect to hear more on this one soon.

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