Watch how hard it was for Jonny Walker to win the 2014 Erzbergrodeo

The Erzbergrodeo might be one of the greatest motorcycle events in the world that many people know nothing about. Set over several days, mostly in the pit of a former Austrian ore mine, these riders put it all on the line for hours at a time. It's like the Isle of Man TT for dirt bikes.
The races culminate in the Red Bull Hare Scramble for 500 riders. This year, it was set along a 14.3-mile (23-kilometer) course, and just 31 people were able to get to the finish in the four-hour time limit. Being left on the course wasn't a problem for 2014 winner Jonny Walker (a fabulous name for a racer). He won the scramble in about an hour and 40 minutes and had a GoPro strapped to his helmet for the whole ride. Now, the footage is on YouTube completely uncut and demonstrates quite clearly why the event is such a difficult challenge.

Obviously watching all of this video might be a commitment, but be sure to check out at least the first few minutes as Walker climbs out of the mining pit. At about 55 minutes, things get truly amazing as he's challenged to climb up a mountain of loose boulders. The whole thing is an epic ride.

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