Jurassic Park II RV found rotting, being restored for residence [UPDATE]

Usually, The Aficionauto takes a look at a famous vehicle (or replica) from films and TV to show the truth behind the movie magic. However, host Christopher Rutkowski is switching gears this week in the first part in an ongoing series. As teased at the end of an earlier video, Rutkowski is looking at the remains of the screen-used RV from the Jurassic Park sequel The Lost World, and he plans to chronicle the process of getting this dinosaur back on the road.

Once, this RV was the set for scenes in a Steven Spielberg movie, but after sitting exposed in the California desert for at least the past six years, it might as well have been eaten by a velociraptor. Among its indignities, the engine has been covered in rat droppings, and the extending side panel has frozen into position.

Getting this faded movie star ready for the limelight again is going to take a ton of work, and it all seems even crazier when you learn that the owner eventually wants to live in it. In speaking with Autoblog, Rutkowski says that the owner currently lives in Switzerland but visits California often. Eventually, he wants to reside in the RV when in the US.

Rutkowski plans to release a new part of the RV's restoration every two weeks for the next few months and still keep up with his usual Aficionauto videos. Figuring out whether this The Lost World star can actually be saved should be quite a process to watch.

UPDATE: Part II of this video odyssey has been released, we've added it below.

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