Watch as Driver Reverses Into Huge Tornado in Russia

A driver in Russia barely escaped the path of a tornado as it tore through their garage and went on to damage 470 more homes.

This dashboard camera footage is of a tornado that ripped through the Krasnokamsky district of Russia's Bashkortostan Republic on August 29th, according to 9news. In the video, the driver backs their car out of the garage into torrential wind and rain. They inch out onto the road, but stop as a gray wall of wind and debris rips across the car's path. The car is dragged along the perimeter of the vortex, flipping it around just in time for the camera to catch the garage both car and driver were sitting in only moments ago being flattened by wind and tree branches.

The car itself was dented and all of it's windows were broken. The driver was lucky to be alive. Two people died in the storm and 40 more were injured.

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