Are you a fan of vintage racing, or just old cars in general, and can't find enough classic pictures online to feed your habit? Then we have found the perfect site for you. Stanford University has opened its Revs Digital Library online – a wonderfully curated and cited page of automobilia that already includes nearly 200,000 images spanning most of the history of the car.

The photos come from the Revs Institute for Automotive Research in Naples, FL, and Stanford is promising to digitize even more images to the website as it receives them, according to the university's announcement. At the moment, there's a definite focus on motorsports with a wide variety of races from the US and Europe. There are even old stock car pictures, which you rarely see many of. This is really a treasure trove of automotive history though with a lot of old press shots in the mix, as well.

Even better, the collection is fantastically curated. There are galleries on specific topics, like a collection of crashes, or you can mix and match searches by brand, venue, year and even some specific people, to find exactly what interests you. The images are all presented as thumbnails and are also in a zoomable format. Get ready to waste a few evenings checking out these classic photos.

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