Death claim in GM ignition-switch lawsuit rises to 100

Nearly 300 people have filed claims in the General Motors ignition switch recall case, with around 100 claiming the defect led to their loved ones' fatal crashes while 184 people claim they were injured in crashes caused by the recalled ignition switch. The period for filing claims opened on August 1.

According to The Detroit Free Press, each claimant must prove that the ignition switch was the cause of the crash that led to the injury or death. Provided the ignition switch was proven to be the "proximate cause" behind the crash, GM's compensation boss, Ken Feinberg, will use actuarial tables and medical cost data to determine individual payouts. Families of those killed will get at least $1 million from the uncapped settlement fund, which GM is expecting to cost $400 to $600 million.

As we've reported previously, claims can be filed through the end of 2014, with payouts to begin 90 to 180 days after the initial filing. You can expect to hear plenty more about these payouts over the coming months.

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