Translogic 157: Water-powered Hoverboard

In 2012, Translogic featured a unique jet ski-powered device known as the Flyboard, which transformed its pilot into a sort of aquatic Iron Man. With hydro-thrusters at the hands and feet, Flyboard enabled water-powered flight and incredible ariel tricks.

The folks from Zapata Racing are back with their latest innovation, the Hoverboard. If Flyboard drew comparisons to Tony Stark's metal suit, Hoverboard is sure to conjure up another pop-culture touchstone: Marty McFly's hovering skateboard from Back To The Future Part II.

Host Jonathon Buckley heads to San Diego, CA to meet with the founder of Aquatic Aviation, a U.S. distributor of both aquatic devices, and attempts some high-flying tricks on the water-powered Hoverboard.


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