Veni, vidi, vici. If electric motorcycles could talk, that's just what the Energica Ego would be saying to itself as it makes its way back to its Italian birthplace. As foretold, the "Where is my Ego" tour brought several bikes to our shores, along with a few company officials, crossing the land and making promotional stops in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York areas. The hearts of pretty much all the moto-journalists who rode the Italian machine were conquered in the process.

The trail of articles and videos left in the tour's wake say a lot of what we expected to hear – the production prototypes reviewed last year were quite similar and got a fair bit of praise then, and with a number of further upgrades being made, it seems only natural that the voiced approval would be a bit stronger. People like the throttle feel, the digital display, the ride and handling.

To recap some numbers, the Ego has a 100 kW (134 horsepower) motor, putting out 144 pound-feet of torque, taking the bike to 60 miles per hour from a stop in about three seconds and topping out at 150 mph. The lithium battery holds 11.7 kWh of energy. The price is quoted as $34,000 for the base model and $68,000 for the special edition Ego 45.

Both Asphalt & Rubber and have great in-depth pieces on the bike, but we kind of like Ted Dillard's approach over at Electric Chronicles. His review is from the perspective of someone who has built, ridden, and written about electric motorcycles and includes an awesome bit of video of his ride around New York's Bear Mountain State Park. But, his coverage doesn't stop there. besides an enlightening post about the history of CRP, the company behind the Energica brand, he did a four-part (five, actually) video series with the outfit's head honcho, Livia Cevolini.

You can watch all five below and learn firsthand about the bike and the company's history, told in an awesome Italian accent. You might also get a hint about a possible new product, as well as a sad lack of near-future racing plans. As a bonus, we've also included Dillard's ride footage, so if you like you can just sit back and take in the Energica Ego's unique sound and some lovely scenery. Enjoy!

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