The General Motors ignition lock saga continues to deve... The General Motors ignition lock saga continues to develop (Shutterstock).
A lawsuit filed in a New York court Tuesday seeks damages on behalf of more than 650 people allegedly injured or killed in General Motors' defective cars.

The filing represents 658 people, including 29 who died, seeking damages from GM for wrongful death or injury in accidents that occurred after GM's emergence from bankruptcy in 2009.

The suit comes days before independent compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg is set to begin accepting claims from families of people either killed or injured by one of the 2.6 million cars recalled due to ignition lock problems, The Detroit News reported. Those involved in this latest lawsuit may not meet certain requirements that would entitle them to damages via the compensation fund.

The compensation fund may cost GM as much as $600 million, though there is no cap on the amount the company could pay out.

GM has acknowledged 54 crashes and 13 deaths due to the faulty ignition lock, though that number has been disputed. A Reuters analysis found that as many as 74 people may have died in accidents related to the problem, and Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colorado) said during a congressional hearing in June that up to 100 deaths could be attributed to the ignition lock problem.

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