Top Gear in hot water after staging crash at scene of fatal accident

The guys from UK's Top Gear just can't seem to stay out of trouble, especially main host Jeremy Clarkson. Usually, it's the things that come out of their mouths that cause controversy, like the two recent accusations of using racial slurs. However, the show's latest problem came not from what was said but from where they were shooting and how.

According to the Daily Mail, Clarkson and James May were recently shooting a segment for the next season of the show in Charlbury, Oxfordshire, England. The filming involved the two of them crashing Peugeots that they were driving. May's car ended up in the ditch and Clarkson's in a field – hardly groundbreaking for Top Gear. The controversy arose because a woman died in 2010 in a head-on collision nearby on the same road, and while also driving a Peugeot.

The Daily Mail admitted that the choice of location was likely unintentional, and spokespeople for the show haven't commented on the incident. However, local politicians called the situation "reckless and insensitive." With the BBC already giving Clarkson his last warning to watch what he says, any added controversy for the show comes at a bad time.

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