You wouldn't think a couple of pro golfers racing a golf cart along a nice green course would get the blood pumping. But throw in a BMW i8 plug-in hybrid and things get at least a little more interesting. At least, that's what the German automaker is hoping for.

Bimmer is swinging big with a cross-promotional video featuring two pairs of golfers racing plug-in vehicles at the 2014 BMW International Open golf tournament in Koln, Germany. Two of the golfers take your run-of-the-mill golf cart while the other two take a slightly more powerful BMW i8, with the goal to get to the course's "halfway house" first. The race, among other things, sends jackrabbits scurrying and shows off the i8's really cool doors and racy styling.

The odd part – "spoiler" alert – is that the golf cart wins the race by taking a short cut through the course despite the fact that the i8 pairs a 231-horsepower turbocharged engine with a 131-horsepower electric motor. It's probably not exactly the message of high-speed performance BMW wants to convey but it would raise eyebrows if this weren't all a silly stunt. Check out the three-minute video below and then read our i8 First Drive impressions here.

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