A couple in Canada survived lightning striking their truck thanks to a quick-thinking police officer who happened to be passing by.

Al and Betty Perry were heading down Highway 14 near Tofield, Alberta under cloudy skies on May 31, CTV News Edmonton reported. In a flash, a lightning bolt hit their Chevy pickup, turning their vehicle into a fireball. The surveillance system across the street caught the whole drama as it unfolded.

The electrical system melted in the blast, making it impossible for the couple to unlock the doors or open the windows. As the cabin filled with black smoke Al tried to kick out a window, but it wouldn't budge. That's when an RCMP officer, Constable Brian Jamont, who was traveling a few hundred yards behind the Perrys, arrived on the scene. The Perrys credit Jamont for saving their lives after he broke the window and pulled them from the burning vehicle. Without his help the couple, who just celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary, could have suffocated.

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