Remember the original concept that previewed the latest generation Subaru WRX? If not, then just look above for a gallery of photos following its debut at the 2013 New York Auto Show. We loved it, and thus, were sort of disappointed when we first saw the less-aggressive production model.

It's not that the production 2015 WRX is ugly, per se. It just doesn't have the gaping grille, four-door coupe lines or squinting headlights that give the concept so much verve. But as it turns out, Subaru might have realized that it was on the right track with the more assertive styling. Rumors coming out of Australia suggest that the shape could form the basis for the next-generation Impreza, and next WRX, along with a major platform shift.

Subaru chief designer Mamoru Ishii tells Motoring that that the next-generation car will ditch the rather utilitarian current design in favor of something more exciting. Like the WRX concept, the design will start wide at the bottom for an aggressive stance and taper up to the roof. That styling would likely get even more aggressive for the next 'Rex.

The styling shift isn't the only big change on the horizon for the entry-level model. As part of Subaru's growth strategy, it's developing a new modular Subaru Global Platform to underpin most of its models. Motoring believes that the Impreza will be the first to use it in 2016. The latest rumor lines up surprisingly well with earlier rumblings of Subie considering moving some of the model's production to its Indiana factory in 2016. With the Camry no longer built there, the company has room to expand.

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